Refinishing Faded and Damaged Wooden Floors

If you have damaged wood on your floor, it may be necessary to refinish it. This is true even if the wood looks as good as new. Wood gets damaged because of exposure to moisture, temperature fluctuations, excessive use, improper sealing, insect infestation, and so on. You can simply diminish the damage by cleaning it and maintaining it properly but if you have severely damaged it, refinishing it is the only solution. If you have damaged wood on your floor, but you don’t know how to refinish it, read on for some tips.

First off, you should do away with the outdated sanding method. Instead of using a drum sander, opt for a brush instead. The difference in the two is that a drum sander produces noise as it moves the sandpaper across the floor. A brush on the other hand produces smoother results.

Next, remove all pieces of furniture from the room where the floor is located. If you plan on putting back any items that you removed, then you need to move them before starting with the sanding. You will need to empty any drawers or cabinets where the furniture was. Take care not to leave any items behind. You will also need to remove any cushions that are on the floor as well so that they can be properly sanded.

The next step involves some heavy duty sanding. You should make sure that all the edges of the wood are smooth. After sanding, fill in any gaps and smooth out the wood until it is completely smooth. Now you are ready for the finishing process.

Use an acid stain remover or paint thinner to start the refinishing process. Once you are done applying the stains, make sure to let it dry completely. Sand the floor once more to get rid of any debris. Apply one coat of stain and let it dry thoroughly before you apply a second coat of wood fixer. For extra protection, consider using floor finish.

Refinishing faded and damaged wooden floors is not the easiest project in the world. It does however help to have some type of plan before you begin. Make sure that you have purchased flooring that has been refinished and salvaged as much as possible. This will ensure that you have chosen the right product for your project. There is no reason for you to spend more money than you have to when it comes to protecting your floor, especially if you purchased the floor at a garage sale. For more details visit the best floor refinishing company in Houston or click here.