Tips in Designing Attention Garbing Promotional Material

One of the most important aspects of designing attention garbing promotional materials is the graphic design. The sexy, scantily clad people featured in many ads are not relevant to the product. An ad featuring a bikini-wearing woman is not as interesting as one for a car, or for perfume. Instead, use an image or symbol that is instantly recognizable. The designer should try to avoid using sexy people in their designs.

Color is another factor. Bright, striking colors have a tendency to attract exogenous attention. In fact, red and yellow are the most common colors used in road signs and in logos. However, bright tones of other colors can also be effective. For example, fluorescent blue and green were used in the marketing material of the International Fleadh 2010 and 2011, both of which were held in Cavan. The use of shocking imagery and language in marketing materials is effective, but it must not be overdone.

The color red is the most effective during the day, and yellow attracts attention at night. In fact, most multinational companies use these colors for their logos and packaging. Fluorescent tones of other colors are also effective. For example, the International Fleadh in Cavan used fluorescent orange and purple in their promotional materials. This technique is not limited to the colors. It can also be used in the design of the language and images that are shocking and unusual.

The most effective attention garbing promotional material is new and different. A brand that has a novel idea will stand out from the competition. The design will make the brand stand out from the crowd. As a result, a unique, wacky idea will attract the eye of potential customers. It may even attract the right attention of your target audience. So, design your materials to stand out among the competition.

Aside, from using eye-catching images, a video will catch people’s attention. A well-designed video will grab attention and engage viewers. Visual content will catch their attention. Adding a video will help you tell a story and entice them to read more. And an image or video will grab the viewer’s attention. It can also capture the attention of your target audience. The visual content will be most effective when it has a story.

Incorporate images in your promotional materials. Add videos. People are more likely to watch and read video content than text-based content. A video is more likely to be consumed by a consumer. A meme has a visual effect. By adding pictures, you can capture attention with your video. A good visual will grab attention in a video and make it a viral sensation. Incorporate images in your video’s and social media campaigns. For more details on designing a promotional material visit