What You Should Know About Digital Printing

One of the most useful features of digital printing is its ability to create quick prototypes. Without a prototype, most businesses would risk the entire order being wrong, forcing them to start over. In contrast, digital printing allows a business to test the quality of the final product and change it as needed. It also allows for flexible turnaround times and easy changes to images. To learn more about digital printing, continue reading the following paragraphs. The most important aspects of digital printing are explained below.

Digital printing works by transferring an image from a digital file onto a surface. It can be done with a simple office copier or printer, or more sophisticated rotogravure printing machines. The process is simple: ink droplets are sent to a surface, which matches the image. An image file goes directly into a printing machine. It transfers the image to a surface, which can range from paper, cardboard, fabric, and plastic. Digital printing is an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

Compared to offset and screen printing, digital printing can offer more flexibility. Aside from its fast turnaround times, digital printing also provides superior image quality. It is also much cheaper per page, allowing for smaller print runs and reduced overall costs. In addition, digital printing allows for easy proofing. This is an important feature for businesses that need quick turnaround times and want the highest quality possible. For these reasons, digital printing is often a better choice for on-demand printing.

On-Demand digital printing is a convenient option for small print runs. This is especially useful for businesses that need to update printed pieces frequently. Typically, an on-demand digital color printer is used for this type of printing. However, if you need a higher quality print, a DI Press or waterless printing process is used. The waterless DI Press has a short drying time. This process is fast, and allows you to change the design of printed items quickly and easily. For more details visit and ask a local reliable print shop near you.