Outdoor Lighting Design Basics

Outdoor lighting design is essentially the placement of fluorescent or LED lights on the exterior of your house or in other areas around the yard, patio, or other outside areas of your property. In recent times, it has rapidly become an increasingly popular trend among many home owners, and there’ve been quite a few recent developments in the field. Tampa professional lighting design company offers you plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best commercial or residential outdoor lighting design service for your home or business needs. Let’s take a look at some of these potential options:

-FL Residential Outdoor Lighting Design Company: If you’re interested in having some unique exterior lighting fixtures installed on your property, then you might consider contacting a Tampa outdoor lighting design company. These experts can offer you designs that are custom-built for your particular property and surroundings, based on your specifications. Some of the more popular themes that these companies typically offer include botanical gardens, underwater scenes, driveway entrances and many others. There are also plenty of fixtures that can go inside the home as well, such as hanging light fixtures, post mounted lights and various other fittings. Some of these fixtures are designed to compliment existing fixtures, while others can be completely interchangeable with whatever fixtures already exist.

-PCG Lighting Professionals: Just like the name suggests, a PCG lighting professional can help you install both residential and commercial outdoor lighting designs. These professionals can even install fixtures that will not only give you a beautiful and dramatic effect, but that will also last for a very long time. One of the most common choices that these professionals commonly make is a statue or other outdoor light fixture that has a domed effect, as this design will not only make it appear stunning from the outside, but will make it appear even more striking from within. Many of these fixtures have weatherproof components as well.

-Crescent Street Lamps: You may not realize it, but there are a lot of advantages to having large street lights installed around your property. For starters, the lights will help provide safety for you and others who are walking or driving around in your neighborhood. Installing large street lights that have directional signs on them can also help illuminate certain parts of your property that may be difficult to see from the road. These lights generally come equipped with LED bulbs that are extremely energy efficient, making them one of the best options for outdoor lighting design. If you want to add a more unique and creative touch to your outdoor lighting design, you can consult a professional lighting designer to help you create a plan that incorporates lights with different colors and patterns that are specifically suited to your surroundings and theme.

-Spotlights: One of the most popular items in an outdoor lighting design plan is the spotlight. These great little gadgets are designed to light up the area directly around your chosen object or structure. They are most often used on tall trees or structures that are difficult to illuminate otherwise. Spotlights are also useful for accentuating small details in your garden space.

-Poles and Deck Lights: Just like the spotlights, deck lights are perfect for enhancing your outdoor lighting design scheme. These types of lights come equipped with motion sensors, so they are perfect for illuminating a statue or any other interesting part of your landscape that you would like to highlight. These types of lights are generally not very powerful, but their subtle lighting allows you to better utilize existing assets in your space without using a bulky floor lamp or candle. With the proper placement, you can also use spotlights and deck lights to illuminate the sides of your swimming pool or patio.